Lesbian class

Lesbian class

 Isabela was new to her class.  He had come from another city and chosen high school, close to home and cosmetic hairdressing class because that was what he wanted to do next.  To learn to style, to touch the faces of other girls and to massage them ... it was something pleasant.  It was strange to him that since he had started looking around he had noticed his colleagues, their chest, their legs, their hair.  Colleagues full of muscle, some nice, had smiled at him but had not reacted.  Instead, he couldn't take his eyes off his colleague in the middle row.  Blonde like her but while she had brown eyes, the other had gorgeous blue eyes ... she wanted her!  He would have held her in his arms at that moment if he could, but it was too short ... he had just entered the classroom.  Look at the rest of the class, they didn't have boys ... a class of girls!  Interesting .. 20 girls - can they be friends or are they gossipers?  He turned his head again and discreetly noticed that she was staring at the colleague she admired. Hmm .. The headmistress came and went to get some more documents from the secretariat.  The blonde takes advantage of the moment and approaches.  "Hi, I'm Sorina and I liked you from the first moment you entered the class ... and I'm a lesbian!"  Isabela looked at her fondly, kissed her lightly and replied “Hi, I'm Isabela and I noticed you as soon as I entered!  And yes, I think I'm a lesbian! ”  She said loud enough to attract the attention of other colleagues One by one, Corina, Alida, Monica, Alina, Bianca, Silvia, Liana, Jeni, Flavia, Rodica, introduced themselves and all ended the greeting with "I'm a lesbian!"  so that a beautiful communion is created there.  Discussions of another kind stopped.  All the interest came from meeting the woman next door.  Does he have a girlfriend?  Would they like to be together?  What are your preferences for clothes, food or music?  A pleasant mood sets in in the classroom - and Isabela continues to Sorina "I like you very much and yes, I would really like to be your girlfriend!"  And he kissed her again.  His hand reached Sorina's breasts, snatching a groan and pulling it with the other, accentuating the kiss.  A sound of footsteps stopped them .. they looked at each other slightly excitedly and Sorina said "unfortunately the conductor is coming .. otherwise the light wave will take me lightly in your arms!"  Isabela looked at her for a few seconds without answering, then said "it's nothing darling, we stay a little good here, studious girls and when we go out we find a place to love each other!"  And they both began to laugh at the thought of how studious each would look at the other's breasts and lips. escorts bucharest

 The teacher got very serious with the math teacher and the hairdresser and let them introduce themselves to the class.  Alina places a note on the bench behind her "as far as the teacher is concerned, she is a lesbian ... who seduces her?"  And he smiled at Silvia, the colleague who read the note first.  Sorina saw him too but let him pass, she waited to be with Isabela again, to feel her in her arms, to kiss her .. to reach with her hand down .. she couldn't hear what was being said in class anymore, she was thinking away when  the teacher said “according to the average for entering the class, the head of the class will be Sorina - and all the colleagues applauded ... only she woke up later and understood that it was about her.  Finishing what they had to say to the class, the teachers went out.  The teacher asks them to stay a little longer, they will get to know other colleagues who would be classes that day.  As Sorina came out, she motioned for her colleagues to come out a little ... "I want to have her!"  she whispered to Liana, who came out of the door and held Silvia with her, who kissed her lightly ... with the thought of Sorina and Isabela ... who had intimacy in the classroom.

 And Sorina came to Isabela again and began to caress her "I don't want to wait until we go out ... I want to have you now!  How much time allows but to have you! ”  And Sorina smiled happily.  Isabela hugged her and immediately started kissing her.  To caress her breasts ... And her hand caught Sorina, who thought she would have the initiative.  She slipped past her colleague's skirt, which made room and searched for a place next to her blue bikini.  Sorina moaned and looked at her eagerly .. so Isabela kissed her again .. her tongue entered Sorina's mouth researching everything .. she couldn't believe it - this novice "who thought she was a lesbian" had the best touches in  world .. orgasm explodes on Isabela's fingers and Sorina relaxed .. hugs and kisses Isabela again "it's my turn now!"  she said firmly, playing with her palm on her breasts and continuing with the other touch all over her body.  She wanted to give him the received sensations too, but a discreet knock knocked out the guests.  He got up from Isabela and the two girls hurriedly arranged their clothes.  Liana and Silvia entered the classroom, smiling, immediately followed by the teacher announcing the schedule.  And he let them go because "everyone has to do with catalogs, no one comes, you can leave!" bucharest escorts

 And the girls came out happy, scattering as they left school.  Sorina wanted to go to the park and Liana and Silvia joined.  Even though she was five minutes home, Isabela stayed with them.  He hugged Sorina and whispered to her "I know you want me girlfriend, my pussy is waiting for you ... find a place and I'm yours!"  And Sorina smiled, taking her hand.  He pulled her down an alley that seemed less sought after at the time, and the girls hurried.  Realizing that she knew the place, Liana followed them a few meters and stopped at the first bench that seemed more intimate.  Sorina took a few more steps and found a large magnolia bush hiding a bench.  Isabela gets excited ... anything can be done here, she thought.  He stopped for a few seconds and with a quick gesture got rid of the panties that reached his purse.  Then come into Sorina's arms "I want you again .. take me!"  she whispered.  Sorina's hand slipped and opened her blouse looking for her breasts .. Isabela shivered .. she was almost ready, almost naked and close to a new orgasm .. Sorina's palm was playing on her breasts .. then went down .. reached the skirt  and Isabella's hand led her to her thigh .. she wanted too much to feel it .. She understood the message and with a quick movement she reached Isabella's vulva and smiled .. so, she had got rid of her panties to receive her… wet and pleasant!  And he enters directly, with fast and deep movements, helped by Isabela's movement that stimulates the depth .. He felt her getting wetter and more aroused .. And Isabela explodes in a long cry, lost in the wonderful sensation of orgasm .. "Love,  you are wonderful .. now I need a shower at how many waters they passed me with this beautiful orgasm .. but I want to do it together .. for me .. our first shower together! ”  And Isabella smiled and stood up.  Wonderful days would follow ... he knew who he loved

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