How do you describe the relationship you have with your vagina?

How do you describe the relationship you have with your vagina?

 10 years ago I did complete yoga relaxation for the first time.  It was extraordinary for me to really feel all the muscles of my body, with each section that forms them, in part.  When the deep vaginal muscle relaxation stage followed, I truly penetrated inside, deeper and more real than ever before. escorts bucharest

 Shivers of pleasure ran through my whole body.  But it wasn't just a feeling of pleasure.  It was an acceptance, a hug of my whole being and a kind of maternal love for my vagina.  I had met him for the first time!

 I then continued with the relaxation of the internal organs.  Until then, I felt my body as a whole.  I knew where to say I had a discomfort: on the left or on the right, above or below.  But I could not feel the specific energy of each organ and really delimit it inside me.

 After I relaxed my whole physical body, I was surprised to see myself, with my eyes closed being, from above, my body lying on the ground.  That was a decisive moment: as excited as I was to have penetrated the mysteries of this wonderful machine that is the body of each of us, I was so fascinated by the fact that I discovered myself to be more than the physical body and that true wealth is beyond  he and that I can see and feel it with my eyes closed.bucharest escorts

 My yoni (a word that comes from the Sanskrit language and translates as “sacred space.” This term refers to the female genitals) is my gateway to ecstasy, the matrix of the universe, the reflection of my femininity, is the mirror of my soul.  It opens and blooms like a rosebud, when it is "watered" with love and when it is penetrated by the radiance of a manly man.

 I can write these things even less metaphorically: between the vagina and the soul there is a close connection: if the woman feels loved, accepted, desired, adored, she will become the best mistress.  When she does not receive affection, tenderness, love, her vagina becomes contracted, dry, candidiasis and other vaginal diseases, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, etc. appear.

 In Jacques Salome's book "Dating with Fountain Women", women relate, in different words, the same truth: they reached the peak of their femininity and lived the ecstasy of love when the man they were in love with loved their body and soul, when  it was given to them unconditionally and had the capacity to receive them completely, it potentiated their sensuality and femininity extraordinarily much, so that it healed them of any mistrust they had or could have had until then.

 But until we have or are lucky enough to meet such a man, what do we do for our vagina?

 1) First of all we get to know him, with a genuine curiosity escorts bucharest

 Do you remember the moment when you prepared the most spectacular meeting for you and your boyfriend?  This is exactly what you will do now!  You will prepare for the most important relationship in your life: the relationship with yourself!  You will create an intimate space, full of magic, with a diffused, romantic light, with sensual music in the background (if you do not have a special playlist - we have prepared it for you - the playlist is on the home page of the site  acquis).

 Undress (and clothes and modesty) and lie on your back!  Place your right palm over your lips.  Grasp your vagina in the palm of your hand.  Stay still for a few moments and feel it!  Connect with him!  Feel its light vibrations, the heat!  Listen to his "voice"!

 Then gently penetrate with your fingers between your lips and massage them.  First the big ones, then the small ones.  Grasp them between your index and middle fingers and massage them lightly.  Pay attention to the sensations you have!  Do not rush!  Give yourself time!  Be affectionate and tender!

 (If you want, you can enlarge the caressed area: touch with the same tenderness on the perches, on the region of the pubic bone, etc.)

 Caress your clitoris!  With the same 2 fingers, "walk" along it, from root to tip.  Don't look for anything, don't run after orgasm, just feel the pleasure of the present.  Pull it lightly, then, when you reach the top, grab it between your fingers and rotate it slightly.  Continue with these movements as much as you feel inspired.

 Then penetrate into you, into the secrets of your femininity.  It is good to have a little coconut or olive oil on hand, which you can use if you consider that you are not lubricated enough.

 He enters you easily with his middle finger.  Stay there.  Be aware of the sensations you have.  Talk to the vagina!  Tell him that you love him and that you are happy to feel him in his fullness!

 Walk with your fingertip on the wall on which the G-spot is. Stimulate it lightly, with patience and affection, in concentric movements.  Then climb on either side of the vagina, touching the walls of the 2 grooves that guard the wall of point G. Penetrate in the middle, as deep as you can, until you meet the neck.  Caress him tenderly.

 Alternate movements with moments of stillness in which you pay attention to your breathing.  Inspire love and healing, and exhale trauma and tension, if they exist escorts bucharest

 Pay attention to your vagina but it spreads the pleasure felt throughout the body.  Feel it climb along your spine and hug your heart.

 Get inspired by him and caress him as he asks!  Smell it!  Inhale the aroma!  This is the essence of your femininity!  Enjoy yourself!  Know yourself!

 At the end of the exercise, stay still and be aware of all the sensations you had and their effects.

 You can even look at it in a mirror!  Spread her lips, look at her entrance, talk to her!  Play with him!

 (After meeting the wonderful boyfriend I mentioned above, we teach him this technique, how to massage us, how to touch us; and if we have someone who is not very sensual, we also teach him by learning to massage him.)

 2) Write him a poem!  I'm not kidding!  Or write him a letter!  Tell her how you would like your relationship to be, how you would like her to feel the caresses, the penetrations!  Thank him for all the pleasure he has given you!

 "My boyfriend talks to his adored yoni (which is actually mine).  He lays on my back, spreads my legs, sits in front of him, with his lips close to his lips, and recites verses to him.  His strong voice makes my lips tremble slightly.  Inside, my femininity responds with an echo.  He even gave her a name.  The two have a very special relationship. "

 3) Try the yoni massage!  I first tried it a few years ago.  He really transformed my life!

 There are countless points in the vagina that need to be touched because massaging them releases certain energies and tensions that may exist.  The woman who offers such experiences becomes more feminine, more aware of her sexuality, more self-confident, more available in love, she can even experience states of catharsis and love ecstasy.

 Immediately after I had this experience, I learned to massage the yoni so that I, in turn, could offer such gifts as I received.

 In this way I discovered and deepened the sacredness of the yoni: how in the center of femininity, between those walls so wet and hot, are reflected deep aspects of the female soul, longings, desires, tensions;  how you find the woman's face "outlined" inside her, how you perceive the unique nuances of her femininity!

 What place can be more sacred than the place that gives birth to life?  Where can you celebrate love more deeply than where you receive your lover to merge with him completely?

 4) Everything I have listed so far is just the beginning of the relationship.  The key to this, like any other relationship, is love, perseverance and perseverance.  You must always have your vagina in mind, feel it and listen to it.  Relate to him every time you remember, with love.  Hug him, caress him, at least with the thought!  Make contractions!  Kegel exercises help a lot to stimulate erotic desires, to amplify pleasure, to relax and heal the intimate area.

 I worked a lot of time, day after day, with the jade egg.  I used to wear it when I left home.  In the subway I was sitting quietly, holding on to the top bar and contracting with the jade egg.  This is probably one of the reasons I smile so often!  I always put into practice a secret that will bring me happiness, I am always complicit with my femininity bucharest escorts

 Working with the jade egg makes you aware of the erotic energy you convey.  I like to energize it, to feel it tremble, to embrace me and then to transform it into much higher energies.  Just like when you make love to your boyfriend and you feel extraordinarily fulfilled and you have the feeling that you have so much strength that you can move mountains.  You start doing an activity that was difficult for you to do and you will be surprised by how inspired and prolific you are now!  The exact process I mentioned above took place: you used the erotic energy, energized, transforming it into an energy of action, of creation.

 5) I am aware that erotic energy is divine, great and very mysterious.  I recognize her sacredness, I openly accept her blessing and I am a supporter of this attitude towards sexuality.

 I am aware that the essence of my femininity is reflected in my yoni.  That is why I love him as he is, with his unique shape, with his special perfume, with all the enchanting erotic states he offers me.

 "I feel inexhaustible!  Instead of fighting, I charm;  Instead of getting angry, I make the others melt.  And I smile slightly.  I feel like the mother of everything and everything - the belly and the earth, with huge protective wings!  Maternal passion and sense fused - mother like night, covering the world, enveloping her, muttering lullabies to soothe her pain.

 And like the night, I am alone again - active, independent, restless. ”  (Anais Nin)

 “Are you able to receive the divine ecstasy of this present moment with your whole body bathed in love, going up to your toes?  Do you give your whole body as a sacred gift?  Do you give your whole heart to be completely encompassed by the earthly incarnation of love? ”  (David Deida)

 "The pleasure of living and the pleasure of orgasm are identical."  (Wilhelm Reich)

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