How to find escorts in Bucharest - A diary part III

How to find escorts in Bucharest - A diary part III

How to find escorts in Bucharest during this confinement period? I know...night life isn't the wildlife of a big city anymore, for some time now. And it has to suffer more with the more restrictive measures adopted during this second wave. But it's all for the best, we hope.

Our health and others' is the most precious thing in life so we don't play with it. We care so much about the preventions so you don't feel a drop of anxiety when we're together. We're in for some good time, aren't we? But talking about how hard it is today to find escorts in Bucharest to have a little private time with, I'll give you some tips.

They say our profession it's the oldest one on earth. I know, what a dumb joke, but it may be true. Who knows? I know things have evolved, at least for us, luxury escorts. And you know, robots won't still our jobs. At least I hope so...some of these robots get so real it creeps me out. But leave that aside, I meant to say another thing. I was telling you how we, as escorts, evolved. We are the refined product of this industry.

The days of brothels and cheap whores, diseases and decadent life are long gone. Well, not so much gone altogether. There are still cheap whores and things that might frighten you a little. And that's where we come in as the best option. Therefore, at Tweety you can find more than just a high quality Bucharest escort

We are the answer for people like you, refined, strong and intelligent men who know what he wants. You wouldn't stick it in some middle-age worn out whore with a big tummy, questionable hygiene and saggy tits.

I'm sure you won't find escorts like us at Bucharest's shady corners, baby

You can still find some actions at some corners. But not with fine pieces like that. As I said, we're the thing everyone wished for. We are just like you. We're basically casted in the same mold. But we ride in different lanes. These girls are so beautiful, if being a poet would still make waves, we would have muse services. And it's not about beauty, not all of it at least. These girls are intelligent, social, well mannered. The kind of girls you'd bring home to your mother. Why? Because there are holes to stick it in at every step. You need a real fantasy, a mirage you can touch. An experience in one word. This is what we do here. I said it numerous times, it's not even about the sex.

But it's about the quality. Like in any other successful business. You do your thing well, we do ours. The market is full these days, from independent escorts, to who knows what escort agency everyone tries to make a quick buck. But not everyone knows what they're doing. It's more like quantity over quality. Well...quality was never a thing to be sincere.

But the world was never like today. We evolved as people, as society. Same with our wishes and desires, our needs and the ways to fulfill them. You can meet a stranger with a simple swipe right (or a swipe up if you really want them to see it). You can find me on Tweety Escorts Bucharest's website. That's a great achievement for technology, and a win for you. Just kidding. But it is a great deal. Maybe if it weren't everything so professional I wouldn't be doing this.

how to find escorts in bucharest

But I can be a top notch escort and you, honey, can be on top of me if you have the money

If it weren't for that I may or may not break some hearts and some beds through Tinder. Or I'd be a successful rapper and I'd spend all my industry money on the girls from the agency. Oh, I love them. They're such sweeties. I'd be like 2Chainz but woman, white, blonde and sexy, with long beautiful legs. I am all that, except the 2Chainz part. But you can't have them all, can you? can. You just have to know where to look.

That was the point of the discussion after all. Where, when and how to find escorts in Bucharest. As I said, it's that simple. You show us some money, we show you the best time. But that's the deal everywhere. Why spend it all on us?

Because we're professionals. As I always said, it's one to be a whore, and it's a whole other thing to be an escort. We're not walking holes, ready for you to fill us up. We can have any men we want, because of our qualities. But this escort life it's so fulfilling. We live a different life every day. For some, this duality may seem like a burden. For us it's a way of bringing our wild side out, in the world. And it's amazing!

And you can have that side of us, served on a plate, a click away. Well, more then one click, but who's counting?

And yes, we are not cheap. you see why.


You can find a cheaper escort, but you can't have the same thrill

Quality comes with a price. And you should know that so well. It's the same with your cars, with your clothes, with your watches and so on. They're still cars, clothes and watches, like any other item in their category. And it's not the looks of them that makes you pay for the deluxe versions. It's the quality and the feeling it gives you. You can't compare it to anything. And maybe they make you feel powerful, one of a kind. That's the whole purpose after all. You're not like anybody else. You're different, unique and you deserve the best there is. That's what you worked for. The same goes with women. It's like the saying: "Behind any successful man there's a strong women or a hotshot escort, or two". And you find them at any corner. Why would you hang around there anyway? That's what you have Tweety Escorts Bucharest for.

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