What you need to know about sex during menstruation

What you need to know about sex during menstruation

 The topic we will address today may be, for some couples, as reprehensible as anal sex. In this article, we will explore a new aspect of married life, namely sex during menstruation If you have ever considered trying, then here's what you need to consider for a game as enjoyable as possible.

 Sex during menstruation can be ... dirty

 First of all, don't try to have who knows what illusions when it comes to sex during menstruation.  Without hiding behind words, the game will end, in the worst case, with blood-stained sheets, and probably some of it will reach you.

 Although it looks like an image taken from a horror movie, you don't have to give back.  If you both want this, then such a game will only bring you even closer.

 Indeed, there will be some blood.  In general, it depends a lot on the day of the cycle.  For example, on the first and second day of the cycle, women tend to bleed more intensely than in the last days.  That's why it's important to know how to choose your time.

 For the game itself, you will need a few towels in case you get stained with blood.  Don't forget to change your bedding by sex.  And the most important aspect to keep in mind: make everything look as natural as possible.  Nothing is more embarrassing than a forced sex game or to tick another crazy thing done in the bedroom.

 You do not need lubricant

 Due to bleeding during menstruation, you will remove the lubricant from the equation.  However, even if you do not use it, do not forget that the extra lubrication will only increase his appetite.  If the idea of ​​lingual stimulation does not smile on you, then you can try using your fingers or a sex toy.

 Orgasms help with abdominal cramps bucharest escorts

 It seems hard to believe, but sex during menstruation is not without its benefits.  The most important of these is to treat the discomfort and pain associated with abdominal cramps.

 The explanation behind this phenomenon is simple: during menstruation, the uterus removes part of the uterine lining.  To do this, he must contract.  During orgasm, the muscles contract and then relax, allowing the body to eliminate endorphins, thus helping to relieve abdominal cramps.

 The partner will be more aroused than usual

 Because menstruation involves an explosion of hormones, your partner may be more eager to have sex than usual.  Instead, the partner must not forget that it is a very sensitive period for her.  Therefore, it would be advisable to overcome the prejudices related to sex in the cycle (if they exist) and try something new that can only increase the degree of intimacy in the relationship.

 You will still have to use a condom escorts bucharest

 Even if you have heard that women do not get pregnant if you do it during menstruation, it is still advisable to wear a condom.  Indeed, the chances of a partner becoming pregnant are small, but not non-existent.  However, for your peace of mind, it is good to protect yourself.

 Unfortunately, sex during menstruation is not for everyone.  But, again, this is all about communication.  If you are both willing to try this, at least once, then there are just a few rules to keep in mind.  And don't forget: the goal is to explore your sexuality, not to say you've tried another weird thing in, autor- escorts bucharest

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