VIP escort Ariandy - Hot escort in Bucharest

VIP escort Ariandy - Hot escort in Bucharest

One of our customer accepted to relate her story and  give a review of Ariandy, one of the best escort in Bucharest.


„Me and my husband had reached that routine after 10 years of marriage, I only had sex on weekends and on special occasions. I had noticed every time we went out in the city how his eyes were running after  younger girls...   you know the kind of girl, the mall dwarf, dressed briefly to attract all eyes. I noticed how  something was growing in pants of my husband every time. But I wasn't going to give up so easily.

I know I'm not as good as I was when we got married.Actually I m fine, I hadn't put on more than a few pounds, but raising children had left marks on my breasts, a little softer and looser than before, maybe my ass is  a little wider, but I know I have everything I need to  make him happy. I'm still crazy in bed when we find the time

Many times, after a long day at work or taking care of children, I did not have the energy as before and I began to be afraid of our relationship. The difference between me and   other women at  my age is that  I still know a little more about how to maintain the man's interest.  A few years ago, when I was in college and struggling with money, I had accepted a "job" as a "masseuse.

I made good money, having frequent meetings during the week. I earn € 100-150 just for a quick visit to their hotel room. If they wanted something more, anal or games or domination, they had to pay even more. The people at the agency were not interested as long as they received their fixed fee at each meeting, and the clients were happy and came back or recommended me to others.In my college years I loved sex and had all the energy in the world. We accepted three, four and even five meetings in a week, which meant some money for beauty for a student. In some meetings I had all kinds of exotic food and fine drinks, so I was completely satisfied. So happy that I continued for another year after graduation, until I found a "normal" job. I already had a loyal customer which helps me make even more money than before. Most were married men, in their 40s, looking for something extra. Thinking about that period, it was probably the most beautiful period of life.

My husband still thinks that I only slept with 2 men before I met him, when in fact it's about 600, probably. My pussy gets wet when I think about those days and all the cocks I sucked and fucked. But now I had to focus on keeping my husband happy and my breasts didn't seem to be enough for that. His 40th birthday was approaching and I had an idea of ​​how to pleasantly surprise him. I got on the computer and looked for an escort agency in town. After some searching and a few emails later, I found an escort of 20 years, independent.

We arranged to meet her at a hotel in the area, we agreed on an hourly rate. I was going to watch and help my husband get everything she could want from her gorgeous body. The evening of surprise came, and I took him out for a simple dinner.

When it came time for dessert, I told the waiter we didn't want to, that we had something else to think about for dessert.

 We went to the hotel where we knew she was waiting for us, and Radu's eyes lit up when we entered the hotel courtyard   surely he was thinking of a special fun between the two of us. I parked and picked it up and drove it directly to the prepaid room.

I was about to die when I saw his face when he entered the room and saw her lying naked in the middle of the bed. My husband was in a state of maximum shock when I took her hand and put it in her hand. 

I looked at him and said, "Happy birthday, love!" This is your gift from me! Ariandy is yours for the whole evening and you can do with her what you want! I know that you men have fantasies and dreams, all I want is for you to be happy and to be with me. You can have as much fun as you want, as long as I watch

As I spoke to him, I began to undress him, while the escort took care of his shirt. Radu was naked and very "proud" in a short time. I stroked him lightly on the chest and then I slowly retreated to the chair next to the bed, and Ariandy started sucking on it. Looking at me and holding her hair, he started to stuff it in her mouth. I motioned to her and said, "Look at her and enjoy her, you have me every night."He turned her on her back, climbed into bed and began to rub the young woman's narrow slit.

He grabbed her by the legs and pulled her towards him and threw himself hard and deep into her. He had never fucked me like that.

I was excited looking at my husband with this bitch, I took off my skirt and started rubbing my pussy in the bikini I was wearing, while my husvand was pulling another one in front of me. It was such an erotic sensation to see him from another angle, I could see his bottom muscles tensing tightly as he plunged into her. It didn't take long for him to look at me and see me with one hand between my legs while with the other I was kneading my breast, escorts bucharest

He stopped and told her to get on her knees, facing me. Then he looked at me and said, "Undress!" I want to see how you play with your naked body while a fuck her. He grabbed Ariandy by the breast while holding his tool with his other hand. He looked bigger than ever. Arinady also spoke  Yes, undress for us! Let me see you tickle your pussy while your man fucks me!   

He went behind her and went back into her, while I struggled to get rid of the remaining clothes. As I took off my bra and panties, I watched him come in and out of her tight pussy. With her ass firmly in the air, slapped her and opened it even harder, my fingers caressing my clit like crazy. My legs softened and I fell back on the chair. I lifted my legs on the arms of the chair and crouched to the limit. I started to suck on my nipple and pull my hand in my pussy, like crazy.She squirmed with him as his cock dipped into her first new pussy since her marriage, bucharest escorts

J. continues to fuck Ariany angrily, his cock goes deep into her tight pussy. Her strong breasts walked back and forth just inches from my face. When he saw me he was able to smile and said to me:  That's how I want you, go to your pussy, work it!   Suddenly he screamed and screamed feeling the orgasm all over his body ...”

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