There are 6 types of orgasms - here's how you can experience them

There are 6 types of orgasms - here's how you can experience them


 Many couples start from the premise that there is only one type of orgasm.  Research in the field has shown that orgasm can be achieved in several ways, depending on the area or areas stimulated during intercourse.  Below, we present the 6 types of orgasm identified and cataloged, as well as their scientific explanations.

 Vaginal orgasm

 Vaginal orgasm has been and still is a sensitive, even controversial topic.  Despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence to prove the presence of the so-called G-spot, there are many people who claim that they reached their climax only through penetration, without additional stimulation.

 According to medical history, the G-spot was theorized in the mid-1950s by Ernest Grafenberg, a gynecologist of German descent with numerous contributions to the study of the female reproductive system.  Fascinated by obscure medical treatises, Grafenberg discovered in the diary of Reigner de Graaf, a doctor who lived in the seventeenth century, several mentions of female ejaculation and the existence of an erogenous zone similar to that of the prostate.

 Although researchers have never been at peace with the existence and function of this vaginal area, most special treatises admit that, during penetration, the woman can feel immeasurable pleasure when the partner stimulates a certain area.

 Sexologists say the erogenous zone named after the German gynecologist is somewhere at the confluence of the perineum and the pubic mountain, also known as the "Mount of Venus".  Specifically, it is located 5 centimeters above the anterior vaginal wall, between the vaginal orifice and the urethra.

 Due to its positioning, the G-spot could, in theory, be stimulated only by deep penetration.  That's why sexologists recommend the goat position.

 Clitoral orgasm

 If you want to go "safe", as they say, clitoral orgasm is the most convenient option.  Although many consider this type of orgasm boring, sexologists say that there are many benefits in stimulating the clitoris.

 The first of these would be the degree of innervation.  Imaging tests (MRI, CT, petCT) showed that this area has about 8,000 nerve endings, in contrast to the head of the penis, which contains only nerve endings.

 The second advantage would be the duration and intensity of orgasm.  In interviews, respondents said that a clitoral orgasm can last between 10 and 30 seconds.  And last but not least, long-term stimulation of the clitoris can take the place of sexual intercourse.

 For proper stimulation, sexologists recommend self-stimulation, in the first instance, to discover what you like and what you don't like.  You can use your fingers for this or sex toys, such as vibrators.  Your partner's technique is just as important as solo games.  Try to guide him during sex.


 Less known than point G, point U is a very well innervated erogenous zone.  The problem of stimulating this area and, moreover, the reason why it is very little known, is the positioning.  Most couples who experiment with other erogenous vaginal areas end up stimulating the clitoris, which they confuse with the urethral orifice.

 The U-point is the place between the urethral orifice and the clitoris.  Due to the fact that it is a particularly sensitive area, it is recommended to massage the area carefully.  Also, lingual stimulation is much more appropriate in this case, due to additional lubrication.

 Anal orgasm

 For many couples, anal sex is taboo.  That is why many turn away when it comes to trying positions that are not found in the canon.

 Usually, people avoid this type of intimate contact because they either associate it with pain and physical discomfort, or they are disgusted by the idea of ​​inserting an object or organ in that cavity.

 Sexologists say that anal orgasm can be as intense as clitoral orgasm if the partner follows a few simple rules.

 First, lubrication is mandatory during anal sex compared to vaginal sex (the vagina is able to lubricate itself, the anus does not).  Additional stimulation, either by using vibrator sex toys or by using the tongue, will further relax the area.

 Last but not least, it should be borne in mind that penetration during anal sex is different from vaginal penetration.  Usually, it is recommended only to insert the head of the penis, and at the same time, stimulate the clitoris with your fingers or sex toys.

 Orgasm during exercise

 It sounds pretty weird, but yes, you can have an orgasm while exercising.  Don't think that they are as intense as the ones felt during the stimulation of the clitoris or the anus, but they are a pleasant surprise.

 Sexologists say that this type of orgasm occurs as a result of cardio-type exercise.  To experience such an orgasm, we recommend that you do the following.  Get on a medicine bike or a treadmill and practice for 10-15 minutes or until you feel like you can't.  Afterwards, take a mattress and do some exercises for the leg muscles (stretches) and for the pelvis.  When you feel that you can no longer, do a series of exercises.  That pleasant and dumb "pain" you feel is actually an orgasm.

 Chicken skin orgasm

 Many of you have probably felt like goosebumps when listening to a good song or reading something you love.  Well, that sensation, popularly called "goosebumps" is actually a small orgasm.

 Although the mechanism behind this orgasm has not yet been understood, researchers believe it has something to do with how our brains are actually anchored.  Certain melodic lines or sudden changes in tempo can, for a moment, alter the brain's perception of reality.

 These were the best documented types of orgasm.  Of course, if we were to give credence to pop culture, there are a myriad of climaxes, but not all of them can be scientifically documented.  Our advice is to try what you have at hand for guaranteed results.

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