Masters and slaves

Masters and slaves

I had moved to my new job for 2 months.  I hadn't had much time to make friends because of the busy schedule.  I went out about 3-4 times with some colleagues.  But yesterday they told me that tonight I am invited to a private party at the home of one of my colleagues.  I liked these outings.  It's hard to adjust: new job, new city, no friends…

 I easily found the address, it was in the same neighborhood where I was staying.  I rang the bell.  A firm voice inside told me to enter.  I entered.  In the living room a large table with 7 people dressed in black latex suits: Masters.  I recognized some of them as my colleagues, others were foreigners.  At their feet stood other naked persons, some free, others bound on a leash: Slaves.  I was amazed for a few moments, then I understood everything…. I had read about such practices on the internet.  Probably the expression on my face betrayed my curiosity and desire to experience these practices.  I was invited to the table, next to the masters and my slave was "assigned" to me: a cute girl with big breasts.  It was explained to me that I have the right to do anything with her, she must listen to me completely and for any mistake I have the right and obligation to punish her, to humiliate her.

 I take my slave to the next room to wear the latex suit.  He came up there on his knees and helped me get dressed without making a sound.  I had a lot of fantasies in my head and it seems that I found the right environment to satisfy them, so I went on the attack.  I went back to the table.  I ordered the slave to bring me a glass of whiskey, but unwittingly she slipped the glass from her hand and broke it.

 - You deserve to be punished, I shouted at her!

 I got up and put my stomach on the table.  I took a whip and started hitting his ankles, ankles and whistles.  I then grab a dildo and insert it deep into it by pressing hard.  He let out a short sigh and moan, more in pain.  The other masters, amazed by my reaction, get to their feet and start whipping their slaves as well.  I stop abruptly, sit down in my chair and undo my molded pants.  I order her to suck me, but without taking the dildo out of her.  He sucked on me lustfully looking into my eyes.  From time to time he let out a short moan of pain… or pleasure.  I grab her with my hair and shake her:

 - Too slow!  Too slow!  You're lazy!

 I find a string on the table, I lie down and take it.  I start slapping her on the face, on the breasts, on the hands.  With eyes in tears of pain continue to suck me, to lick me.  I get up and head for the red box on the table.  With a short movement I take her arm and take her to the room where I had previously changed.  I slam her on the bed and throw her the gel, telling her to grease all the holes.  She didn't even finish, that I stuck my cock in her ass, so hard, that even though it was given with lubricant, it was as if my skin was stinging.  He screamed so loud I thought he woke up the whole city.  She tried to struggle, to get up, but I pushed her hard into the pillow, increasing the pace of penetration.  Then I grabbed the vibrator and thrust it into her pussy.  He was screaming, crying, moaning, but he seemed to be telling me with his eyes that he wanted louder, louder.

 After about 10 minutes of moaning, I felt her orgasm approaching.  I took my cock out of my ass and put it in her pussy.  After 2-3 minutes I felt something warm, I withdrew, I took her out of her and I ended up on her belly and legs.  He licked it as if with one last drop of strength and I fell asleep there, next to MY SLAVE!

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