Luxury escort Maria

Luxury escort Maria

When we have the opportunity, we ask some of our top escorts to answer some personal questions in order to get to know them better. In this article, the protagonist is Maria, one of the most professional escort in Bucharest. Read more about our elite girl.


"I spent my childhood in a small village near Bucharest, being the only girl of the 3 children of our parents. Fortunately, I didn't miss anything and I would always give the hustle and bustle of the center of Bucharest on a cool summer night in my village. My childhood was a quiet one, at that time my father was the village veterinarian and my mother a housewife and ordinary woman. When it came time for high school, my parents chose to send me to Bucharest to finish my studies. The accommodation here was easy and I adapted quickly.

The years flew by quickly and when it came time for college, I was admitted to one of the best in London. I mention that I had not yet started my sexual life on that time.My great sexual revelation was there. I fell madly in love with an  british man. I had sex even 3 times a day with intense orgasms every time. I had more and more fantasies, like to be his sexy teacher, porn assistant and clumsy and he had a special fetish, foot fetish. He was crazy about my feet, excited him a lot. He also liked cunnilingus. He cum just satisfying me. And he fully satisfied me haha. I had sex everywhere, in the elevator, in the kitchen, in the parks, in his parents' bedroom, in my college, absolutely anywhere

I liked his cock the most, I just got wet at the thought of penetrating me. Unfortunately, after finishing my studies, I decided to take it separately, I returned to the capital of Romania, Bucharest and decided to practice here in the chosen specialty. But at the first interview I fell into the trap of sexual temptation, ending up with me on the desk moaning and salivating at my employer's penis. Certainly I got it, but soon I realized that I do not like the chosen profession, I was always tired and stressed and with an extremely high libido, always having a vibrator in my bag.


One day I met a  high school classmate by chance on the street and decided to stop at a cafe in the center. Finding out about my professional dissatisfaction, she revealed to me that she had been practicing chat for some time and recommended that I should try it too, especially hearing about my sexual appetite. The discussion made me think about it, but I wanted sex, not to be satisfied alone. Money at the time was not a problem for me so there was no problem starting a sex business for money. When I got home, I opened my laptop and opened some adult sites and from click to click I came to luxury escort sites in Bucharest. I was fascinated by the confidence of women who posted ads in which they declared their fantasies and sexual pleasures. I told myself that I have to do this too, so I slowly but surely became one of the best top escorts, the customers recommending me for my pleasure and naturalness. At the moment I am not going to stop, I really like what I do! ``



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