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Escort in Bucharest , 20 years

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Bucharest , sector 1 , sala palatului , Romania

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Age: 20 years

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Hair color: Blond

Eyes color: Brown

Breast size: Small

Pubic hair: Shaved

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Zodiac sign: Virgo

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1 Ora: 300 €

2 Ore: 600 €

3 Ore: 900 &

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The best
A beautiful clean sexy escort . The best oral sex until now
That!s all i have to say....the most incendiary oral sex
Vote 100/10 for the best escort with brown hair 😃❤👅

Escort Ruxandra self presentation

New to the top escort industry, this doll is considered the beauty revolution. With long and shiny hair, penetrating eyes of a silk brown, this deer is the winning prize. Long, sculpted legs and naughty giggling makes Ruxandra parade through men's minds from the first moment. She is the girl you see on the cover of magazines; and now you have the chance to meet her alone. What do you say? I'm your girl next door, an experienced escort from Bucharest. I am very delicate, but also very wild. As you can see from my appearance, I am both strong and reliable and graceful. I understand some of the confidentiality we have with you and you can be sure that it will remain private. Of course, if you receive invitations to private dinners, etc., I will be the best option for an escort, because I know how to behave in the elite world and how to socialize even for one night. I take care of my beauty and appearances every day, so when I wake up or in the evening, I always look as good as I can and this is my life routine that I love. My silky and beautiful hair and amazingly smooth skin are a beauty. Hard to achieve, but happy to have everything, I come with healthy living habits, which make me gorgeous inside and out. I understand that for a gentleman like you who can have anyone and all that is important to have someone who looks the best and is happy. Because the energy we share with each other is very important to both me and you, and all I want to share with you is the beauty of positivity and good timing. I came to you tonight for an unforgettable fun and you can be sure that I am as gorgeous as in my photos. So, dear gentlemen, don't wait and call me, I will make sure that life will have new colors after you see me. I kiss you now and send you my hugs. For later! Your beautiful escort from Bucharest.
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